Frequently Asked Questions.

What included in Bundle?
  • Envic Bundle includes Phone, Smart Watch, Bluetooth Speaker or Headset, Power-bank, Stereo headset, Wall charger, Car Charger, Temper Glass, Back Cover, 32GB SD Card, Sim Opener, Fast charging cable, Glass cleaner.

My phone was lost or stolen. What should I do?
  • Here is a tip to help prevent theft: Use your phone’s security lock option to prevent unauthorized use of your phone. Until the unlock code is entered into the phone, a “locked” phone will not operate Protect sensitive documents containing your account information, wireless telephone number and your phone’s IMEI.
  • If your phone is lost or stolen, immediately call your service provider to suspend your service, so they can quickly protect your account from fraudulent use. If the phone has been stolen, then call your local police and obtain a police report number.

My Envic phone won't turn on.
  • Try following options….
    Press and hold the POWER button.
    Try to Charge the phone for 3-5 min
    Check and try a different charging Cable
    Check and try a different Car / Home charger

Wy my phone's ROAM indicator is displaying?
  • This probably means that you are outside your home service area. To place a call while roaming outside your home service area, dial the 10-digit number (1 + 123-456-7890). Please note that your calls are subject to roaming and toll charges, depending on your specific calling plan. Please contact your service provider for rates and charges.

My battery life is not lasting me as long as it used to.
  • Battery life can be influenced by a lot of things, first thing you should do is tune down your screen brightness, Low signal strength will result in lower battery life, check the manual for the first charge procedure, it usually involves fully chargin the battery. you can also have a look into installed apps as some run services which drain the battery. as last resort you can install an app like juicedefender to turn off internet and other power drains if you’re not using them.

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